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T-Rex quilt top by Quiltoni

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dinosaurs with our simple and fun T-Rex pixel quilt top.

Mantel Naehprojekt Teaser

Wrap tunic

Casual and sophisticated at the same time: this wrap tunic can be combined with many outfits and works entirely without any buttons or other closures. How cool is that?

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Shirt blouse

You absolutely need a new blouse or shirt? Something fashionable that no one else has? An item that is quick and easy to make? Then we have just the thing for you!

Rucksack Naehprojekt Teaser


Do you have old favorite jeans that are torn somewhere or do not fit you anymore? Thanks to this upcycling project you will be able to turn them into a practical backpack.

Gitarrengurt Projektbild

Guitar Strap

This Guitar Strap is a real eye-catcher especially for musicians. Sew your own personal Guitar Strap.

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Hímzéssel díszített ruha

Bővítse ruhatárát ezzel a gyönyörű, testhezálló alkalmi ruhával. A mutatós virágmintákkal díszített térdig érő ruha biztosan azonnal a kedvence lesz.

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Steppelt kézitáska

Varrja meg saját steppelt kézitáskáját, amibe minden elfér, ami egy kellemes eltöltött estéhez kellhet.

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DIY cover

Whether you choose to make it fancy or simple, from sturdy denim or fine lace, with a tailor-made dust cover you can customise your bernette sewing machine to match your style–while at the same time protecting it from dust and scratches while you're not using it.

Red dress 08

Red Dress

The design of this elegantly draping dress with a slightly flared skirt and black hemispherical buttons is unmistakably inspired by the 1960s.

Blue jeans 01

Blue denim dress

Denim is a fabric that never goes out of fashion and is used to create clothes with a young, casual and uncomplicated look.

Bernette gelbes shirt

Yellow shirt with one-side waterfall neckline

A chic look that oozes relaxed elegance! What sets this shirt apart is the refined waterfall effect, with fabric flowing gently over the left shoulder, creating a captivating look.

Sew And Go Blue Header

Asymmetric Dress

Sew the asymmetric dress featured in the Sew&Go series. Learn more about the intructions and the patterns.

Sew And Go Pink Header

Patchwork pullover

Sew the patchwork pullover featured in the sew&go series. Learn more about the intructions and the patterns.

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Lovely summerdress

There are never enough dresses! In seven step-by-step tutorials Hannah shows you how to sew this lovely summerdress.

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Cool tote bag

In these video tutorials Gayle takes you on a short journey around Chicago and shows you how to sew and embroider this cool tote bag!

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Egzotikus ruha

A nagyváros dzsungelének divata.

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Romantikus stílus - blúz és szoknya

Játékos, romatikus, és célratörő

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Ultra-rövid mellény

A divatos üzletasszony formabontó öltözéke