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Bernette zubehoer allzweckfuss t 1

All-Purpose Foot (T)

The black button on the side of All-Purpose Foot (T) enables you to lock the presser foot before you begin sewing, or when sewing over thick layers of fabric such as seams.

Bernette Perlen Und Pailetten Fuss Header

Beading and Sequin Foot

For creative work with beaded or sequin tapes up to a width of 4 mm.

Cut Work bernette Accessory

BERNINA DesignWorks CutWork Tool

The CutWork Tool makes dreams come true in combination with the CutWork Software.

Bernette Nadelset 854807006

BERNINA Needle Assortment

The BERNINA Needle Assortment contains needles in different sizes for varying applications.

Bernette b30 Bandeinfasser Fuer Vorgefalzte Baender Header

Binder Attachment

The Binder Attachment serves to bind edges with pre-folded or non-prefolded bias tape in a finished width of 5 to 7 mm, which are sewn with a utility or decorative stitch.

Bernette Bandeinfasser Fuer Nicht Vorgefalzte Baender Header

Binder Attachment for unfolded bias tape

The binder attachment creates practical edge finishes with unfolded bias tape in a width of 40 to 50 mm.

Bernette b30 Blindstichfuss L Header

Blindstitch Foot

This foot is most suitable to sew blindhems or to topstitch edges. The stitches only pierce the hem so that the stitch holes are hardly visible on the right side of the fabric.

Bernette Blindstichfuss Header

Blindstitch Foot

This foot is a specialist for working with blindhems. In one step the seam is sewn and the edge is finished.

Bernette b30 Knopfannaehfuss M Header

Button Sew-On Foot

With this presser foot not only buttons of different sizes can be sewn on but also rings or hooks. The Button sew-on foot provides a slip-resistant sole so that the button cannot slip away.

Mybernette Zubehoer Transporttasche

Carrying Case for Overlockers/Sergers

This carrying case for overlockers / sergers means your overlocker will stay in pristine condition.

Bernette Schnureinnaeh Fuss Header

Cording Foot

This presser foot guides decorative and fine cords of up to 2 mm thickness exactly and precisely below the coverstitch seam as they are being sewn on.

Bernette b30 Kordelfuss H Header

Cording Foot

The Cording Foot allows sewing on thin cords or strings. As the bottom of the foot sole provides several grooves, more than one sting can be sewn on in one step.


Cut-Offs Bin

The cut-off bin ensures your workspace remains tidy.

502020 74 86 Stopfplatte

Darning Plate

Holes and tears are quickly darned with the aid of the darning plate.

Bernette b30 Stopf Und Stickfuss P Header

Darning- / Embroidery Foot

This foot is a true specialist for free motion sewing and it is best suitable to darn holes and worn areas. Used together with an embroidery hoop, the darning process can be simplified as the hoop stabilizes the fabric.

Mybernette Zubehoer Stickrahmen A

Deco Embroidery Hoop # A

Medium embroidery hoop - for medium-sized patterns.

Mybernette Zubehoer Stickrahmen B

Deco Embroidery Hoop # B

Large embroidery hoop - for large motifs.

Mybernette Zubehoer Stickrahmen C

Deco Embroidery Hoop # C

Small embroidery hoop – for smaller motifs.

Mybernette Zubehoer Stickrahmen F

Deco Embroidery Hoop # F

Round embroidery hoop for medium-sized, round patterns

Bernette b30 Schmalkantfuss S Header

Edgestitch Foot

This presser foot with guide facilitates the topstitching of edges, hems and pleats; helpful for sewing on lace or tapes, and for reinforcing edges. The guide helps you achieve flawless seams and hems that run parallel to the edge.

Bernette Gummibandannaehfuss Header

Elasticator Foot

The elasticator foot is best suitable for sewing projects with elastic bands.

Bernette b30 Stickfuss 02 Header

Embroidery Foot

A true pro in terms of embroidering and embellishing, the Embroidery Foot is ideal for sewing satin stitches, appliqués and decorative stitches.

Bernette b30 Stickfuss Header

Embroidery Foot

This foot is a true embroidery expert. The oval, slightly bent shape of the foot facilitates the stitch movement. This ensures a solid and proper stitch formation.

Bernette b30 Stickfuss Mit Transparenter Sohle F Header

Embroidery Foot with clear sole

The transparent sole affords a consistently clear view of the sewing project, ensuring that decorative and satin stitches, appliqués and off-the-edge scallops turn out particularly well.

Bernette accessory L Stickrahmen header 2x

Embroidery Hoop L

The large embroidery hoop is an indispensable tool for creating large and detailed embroidery patterns. It has a maximum embroidery surface of 16.0 × 26.0 cm and provides enough space for larger, complex motif designs on home textiles and clothing.

Bernette accessory M Stickrahmen header 2x

Embroidery Hoop M

This embroidery hoop is ideal for medium-sized embroidery projects. It has a maximum em-broidery surface of 12.0 × 18.0 cm and provides enough space for interesting embroidery patterns and motif designs on home textiles and clothing.

Bernette accessory S Stickrahmen header 2x

Embroidery Hoop S

This embroidery hoop is ideal for embroidering small motifs. Its embroidery surface is 5.0 x 7.0 cm. The template (included) ensures precise positioning of the fabric.

502060 13 88 Anschiebetisch

Extension Table

More luxury with an extended sewing surface.

b30 Freihandstickfuss

Free-Motion Embroidery Foot

The open embroidery sole offers a clear view of the embroidery area. Precise, creative free-motion works such as monogramming and Richelieu embroidery (‘cutwork’) as well as thread painting are simplicity itself with the free-motion embroidery foot.

Bernette Kraeuselfuss Header

Gathering Foot

With the gathering foot single fabric layers can be gathered evenly.

Bernette b30 Kraeuselfuss Header

Gathering Foot

As the sole of this foot does not lie flat on the feed dog, the Gathering Foot feeds the fabric unevenly. Therefore a charming gathering effect results while sewing.

Bernette Saeumer Und Spitzenfuss Header

Lace Foot

This presser foot sews tapes or lace below a fabric edge, which is simultaneously folded to form a hem.

Bernette Saeumerfuss Header

Hemmer Foot

The hemmer foot quickly and easily sews even seams with a depth of 2.5 cm.

Bernette b30 Saeumerfuss Header

Hemmer Foot

This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.

Bernette accessory DG Saeumerfuss header 2x

Hemmer Foot for Dual Feed

This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.

Bernette Spitzenfuss Header

Hemmer and Lace Foot

For sewing lace, trim and tapes onto hems.

Bernette b30 Offener Stickfuss F2 Header

Open Embroidery Foot

This foot makes quick work of appliqués and embroidery projects, as well as the sewing over of lines and patterns. The open shape ensures a clear view of the seam, and is therefore ideal for sewing on tapes and ribbon.

Bernette b30 Overlockfuss Header

Overlock Foot

The Overlock Foot facilitates finishing edges professionally and sewing seams similar to overlocking. It is also particularly suitable to create decorative cuffs and seams in the most common knitware fabrics.

Bernette b30 Patchworkfuss Mit Fuehrung Header

Patchwork Foot

This foot is ideal for patch working with exact seam allowances of 1/4 and 1/8 inch. The fabric edges can either be guided along the foot or the seam guide. This makes accurate sewing absolutely simple.

Bernette b30 Bandannaehfuss G Header

Ribbon-Couching Foot

For couching sequin- and satin ribbon. The adjustable guide holds the ribbon in place, preventing it from slipping as it is being sewn on.

502060 13 86 Kantenlineal rechts 1

Seam Guide Right

An invaluable tool for achieving straight edges and parallel seams.

502040 51 07 Standard Nahfuss 1

Standard presser foot

The Standard presser foot is a trusty sidekick for everyday overlocking and coverstitch projects.

Bernette Standard Naehfuss Transparente Sohle Header

Standard Presser Foot with Clear Sole

The clear sole affords the perfect view of your sewing project. It is ideal for decorative seams which have been previously tailor-tacked, as well as for positioning at the beginning or end of a seam.

Bernette zubehoer standardabdeckhaube

Standard Soft Cover

The Standard Soft Cover protects your bernette from dust and dirt, and the hole for the carrying handle ensures easy transportation.

Bernette b30 Obertransportfuss Header

Walking Foot

Difficult-to-work-with fabrics are best sewn using the Walking Foot. It supports the fabric feed by a second feed dog on the upper side of the foot.

502060 14 09 Zickzack Nahfuss A

Zigzag Foot

The Zigzag presser foot is a true all-rounder and is suitable for all the common sewing works. It is also optimal for special sewing projects.

Bernette b30 Zickzack Naehfuss Mit Gleitsohle Header

Zigzag Foot with Non-Stick Sole

The non-stick sole ensures smooth riding over difficult-to-feed materials such as leather, plastic, vinyl or similar.

Bernette b30 Reissverschlussfuss Header

Zipper Foot

Due to the narrow shape, zippers in various versions can be sewn in easily. The fabric is fed evenly while you can sew along the coils very closely.

Mybernette Zubehoer Naehmaschinentasche

Βαλιτσάκια μεταφοράς για ραπτομηχανές

Για να μπορείτε να διατηρήσετε την ραπτομηχανή σας και την κεντητική μονάδα σας σε όρθια θέση όταν ταξιδεύετε. Το εσωτερικό προσφέρει επιπρόσθετες θήκες για αποθήκευση εξαρτημάτων.

030895 50 04 Stickmodultasche

κεντητικές μονάδες

Για να μπορείτε να διατηρήσετε την ραπτομηχανή σας και την κεντητική μονάδα σας σε όρθια θέση όταν ταξιδεύετε. Το εσωτερικό προσφέρει επιπρόσθετες θήκες για αποθήκευση εξαρτημάτων.

502020 81 8181 50 Spulen


Αυτά τα γενικής χρήσης μασούρια είναι διαθέσιμα μεμονωμένα

502021 03 12 Zickzack Nahfuss mit Fuhrung

Πόδι Zigzag με οδηγό

Το πόδι Zigzag με οδηγό κάνει ράψιμο με ακρίβεια πολύ εύκολα.

Naehfuss Set Decoration

Πόδι για διακοσμητικές ραφές

Αυτό το σετ για τα μοντέλα b05 CRAFTER, b05 ACADEMY όπως επίσης και για επιλεγμένα μοντέλα sew&go και Milan περιέχουν τα παρακάτω 9 πόδια για ειδικές ραφές και διακοσμητικά έργα:

502021 03 06 Perlen und Paillettenfuss

Πόδι για χάντρες και πούλιες

Για δημιουργία έργου με χάντρες ή πούλιες. Το αυλάκι στη μέση του ποδιού σας εξυπηρετεί σαν οδηγός για να ράβετε κορδόνια, χάνδρες και πούλιες.

502021 03 13 Rollerfuss

Πόδι με ροδάκια

Το πόδι με ροδάκια είναι ειδικό για για δύσκολα υφάσματα που κολλάνε. Τα ροδάκια βοηθούν σε δέρμα και βινύλιο, όπως επίσης και σε υφάσματα με τραχιά επιφάνεια.

502021 03 07 Biesenfuss 5 Rillen

Πόδι νερβιρ

Πόδι νερβίρ με 5 αυλάκια που χρησιμοποιείται όταν κάνετε νερβίρ με δίδυμη βελόνα. Τα αυλάκια σας επιτρέπουν να κάνετε παράλληλες πτυχές.

502021 03 01 Einstellbarer Bandeinfasser

Πόδι τοποθέτησης ρελιού ρυθμιζόμενο

Ρελιάστε άκρες με προ-γυρισμένο ρέλι με αυτό το πόδι σε χρόνο μηδέν. Το ρέλι και το ύφασμα οδηγούνται στην άκρη του ποδιού για όμορφο αποτέλεσμα.

502021 03 08 Paspelfuss

Πόδι φιλέτου

Το πόδι φιλέτου με 2 αυλάκια είναι κατάλληλο για να κάνετε φιλέτα. Αυτό σας επιτρέπει να δίνετε έμφαση σε ενδύματα ή ταπετσαρίες. Μπορεί επίσης να ράβι 2 κορδόνια ταυτόχρονα.

Finger guard klein

Προστατευτικό δακτύλων

Το προστατευτικό δακτύλων είναι ένας εύκολος τρόπος να προστατευτείτε από την βελόνας. Ειδικά για παιδία και για αρχάριους, Αυτό είναι τέλειο! Το προστατευτικό μπορεί να μπει εύκολα σε όλα τα πόδια για ασφάλεια.

Img haendlersuche

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