Asymmetric Dress

Asymmetric Dress


  • 1.4m petrol jersey, 140cm wide (Swafing via Trend)
  • 0.6m striped jersey (Swafing via Trend)
  • 4 gold buttons, diameter approx. 1.8cm (Union Knopf)
  • bernette sewing machine
  • bernette overlocker
  • Walking Foot

Print out pattern. For ‘Page size adjustment’, select ‘None’. Please note the test square on page 2 of the PDF. Glue pages together. Join on cut-off sleeve piece. Cutting out

  • 2 x skirt section as front/back in petrol
  • 2 x top front/back, striped
  • 2 x bottom front/back, striped
  • Strip for neckline 65 to 70 x 3cm, Strip for arm curve 50 to 60 x 3cm (finished width 1cm). 2 strips for sleeve tab 15 x 2.5cm, cut one side into a point


  1. Sew the top and bottom striped sections right sides together to the front and back sections with the overlocker (4-thread safety seam). Topstitch seam with the walking foot and a 0.3 mm-wide zigzag stitch or the stretch stitch.
  2. Close right shoulder seam (sleeve side). With right sides facing, sew on strip for neckline, stretching strip slightly in the region of the shoulder seam so that it doesn’t stick out later. Place strip inwards, turn under seam allowances and topstitch. Close second shoulder seam. Now work armhole in the same manner.
  3. Sew sleeve hem. Iron Vilene onto one side of the sleeve tab. With right sides facing, stitch together tab with its counterpart at the sides and tip; turn right-side-out and topstitch. Neaten open edge, then slip this end into the sleeve and secure from the front in the coverstitched seam. Turn sleeve tab under onto outside of sleeve. Position buttons and sew on, simultaneously attaching the tab to the sleeve.
  4. Close side seam and hem dress.