Forget about a conservative approach to business wear. Our intention here is to inject a bit of individual, up-to-the-minute style into the business world without breaking the rules governing office apparel. The secret: recycling! For this, all you need is a couple of men’s business shirts or a few nice business-style fabric remnants which can be cleverly sewn together into this feminine outfit. Fabrics such as cotton, flannel or viscose appeal owing to their clear-cut yet discreet colours, which fit seamlessly into the business world. The styles are classy yet unconventional, and very feminine to boot.

Made from a grey pinstripe fabric, this ultra-short waistcoat goes well over simple shirts or blouses, and is an intriguing combination of severe lines yet overall sassy effect. The balloon skirt is sewn together from various panels cut out from men’s shirts. The nifty hook-and-loop closure allows it to sit on the waist or hips, depending on the wearer. The little matching mobile-phone case gives the outfit pizzazz. With this business style, an ordinary day at the office is anything but dull – and you can sew it yourself on your bernette!